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POINTek takes pride in manufacturing the industry’s most reliable optical components at the most competitive cost.

Unsurpassed performance reliability and cost competitive production techniques are the hallmark of our Company.

POINTek is operating unique technologies for the most reliable integrated optical communication devices, and our uniqueness is backed by the innovative manufacturing service specialty based on proprietary plastic planar packaging technologies, MAAP™ and PAAP™. In the past decade or so, there has been virtually no significant introduction of new technology or innovations in the optical packaging field. Varying degrees of automation have brought some improvements over certain error-prone manual processes, but the packaging industry as a whole received very little attention from both innovators and business decision makers. We took notice of this gap in packaging innovations, and invested our full resources to demonstrate efficacy of new innovative packaging processes, especially POINTek’s MAAP™ process.

POINTek’s proprietary MAAP™ process has been thoroughly tested and engineered to a point where real-world production models are ready to serve the market(s). We are working to provide the system vendors in the “emerging markets” of the FTTH industry with the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective optical component manufacturing and packaging solutions.

POINTek’s business and market vision is riding well with growing interests in worldwide Broadband Convergence Network, Smart Home Initiative, and telecom carrier’s FTTP projects. POINTek’s optical packaging business clearly complements with the well-established chip technology business, providing a sound outsourcing alternative for packaging optical component manufacturing technology by system vendors who seek minimal market risk and want to surpass the competition.

We are a technology driven company and continue our R&D efforts on additional innovations which we plan to commercialize in the coming 3 to 5 years.

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