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Optical communication component markets are growing rapidly in recent months. This is due to a renewed boom in the telecommunications industry, especially with their focus on optical broadband infrastructure designed to deliver triple play (video, data, and voice on a single ‘optical’ line) services to subscribers at home via the FTTx (x=P for premise, x=H for home, and x=D for desktop) initiatives.

Nowhere in the world is it growing faster than domestically in Korea. POINTek is very well positioned as a strategic supplier to the key system vendors who must outsource component manufacturing and packaging services in Asia. Asia’s optical broadband fielding and deployment is much quicker than the rest of the world.

POINTek’s market strategy is first to establish a stronghold in this market and a solid reputation with our key customers in Korea, and then leverage our reference customers for expanding our service to overseas customers.

POINTek believes in strong partnership with other technology companies that can help us improve our solutions while providing cost and reliability competitiveness to them. The concept of reliable and low cost manufacturing has been poorly understood by system vendors. Thus, POINTek reaches out to innovative companies in jointly advancing optical communications technologies



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