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The “art” of alignment is fundamental to packaging, and over the years, improvement in alignment focused on automating the alignment process. This automation improved the alignment process to some extent, but fell far short of industry expectations in breaking the cost and reliability barriers. Thus, our R&D efforts concentrated on the improvement of alignment processes, yielding to our patented MAAP™ and PAAP™ innovations in optical device alignments.

Our MAAPTM technology addresses the bottleneck problem of conventional processes in aligning optical circuit connections one at a time, and transforms the serial monolithic alignment process into parallel array alignments, thereby yielding productivity increases.

The productivity increases via POINTek’s process innovation through MAAP™ and PAAP™ process will bring the additional cost reduction based on the practical passive alignment natures.

Our proprietary packaging processes improve reliability significantly. For example, where polymer adhesives and sealers are used, modification of plastic materials and appropriate curing processes can now solve the reliability problem. We employ plastic materials, and have developed unique adhesive curing processes. Combined with other handling processes, we were able to achieve unparalleled reliability. Conventional packaging techniques, regardless of its degree of automation, result in up to 95% defects in the joint and interface areas where polymer adhesives and sealers are used. POINTek’s engineers learned that modification of plastic materials and curing processes largely solved reliability problems inherent in the conventional packaging practices.

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