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Value Proposition

POINTek’s services and products include optical packaging outsourcing services and manufacturing of custom-ordered integrated optical communication components such as Optical splitters, MUX/Demux, Switches, VOAs, Transceivers, and other integrated devices. Using current packaging practices, the cost of packaging and related components made up 50%~90% of device value. Market opportunities are clear and apparent for overcoming this significant cost barrier.

POINTek’s value propositions are three fold: Innovation, Cost and Reliability.

No significant technical improvement has been put forward in the planar packaging field in the past 20 years, as compared with remarkable advances and improvements in integrated optical chip design and manufacturing technologies. The rise of new optical communication network systems and components in the past two decades clearly called for improvement in packaging and manufacturing processes, which led to development of our proprietary MAAP™ and PAAP™ planar optical packaging technologies. With these innovative processes, POINTek offers customers cost-effective solution and unparalleled reliability improvements.

The other barrier to overcome was in the reliability of the packaged devices. Our robust testing of conventional packaging processes indicates over 95% of reliability failures in optical devices came from joint and interface areas, pointing to the need for improvement over the current alignment, adhesives, and sealing processes. All of the optical device manufacturers worldwide are currently faced with both or either reliability issues and/or manufacturing cost issues.

POINTek is providing the solution for both device reliability and manufacturing cost based on our intellectual properties.


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