Quality Commitment from Top to Bottom
 POINTek, Inc. was founded by former professionals of Samsung Electronics with strong training in product quality assurance and management with the sound of the “Quality begins at the top,” voice ringing on their heads as a key lesson for starting up a manufacturing company.  Our leaders including the CEO follow the strict quality guidelines, setting up quality management as an overarching company-wide advisory and independent operation, equal to engineering-manufacturing operations.  All POINTek staffs are cognizant of the importance of world trade and global markets for successful company operation, and the whole workforce is committed to producing top quality products.  Our top-of-line product manufacturing approach is based on fundamental and sound philosophy in that any weakness, defect, and return of our products is highly costly, time consuming, and bad for business for the long term. We don’t believe in using untested or inexpensive parts, believing the law of weakest part or link that demurs stronger parts or links, not sacrificing quality for delivery schedule, and holding on to proven processes, to ensure continuing customer satisfaction.
Quality management is inherent to all our business processes.  We are particularly mindful of the fact that successful quality management is based on well-defined and well-monitored business processes that are regularly reviewed and continually improved.  Good product engineering practice enables reliable product quality, and it rolls into other practices of clean workflow Manufacturing and quality-checking Supply Chain Management.  We routinely review data and statistics that show us to see or foresee any weak points of reference in all these three departments to prevent from happenings of costly occurrences and mistakes.  Our wholesome quality commitment from top to bottom is manifested by good product satisfaction ratings and nearly zero RMAs caused by product defect. But we don’t stop at our record of achievement, and continually strive for improving our processes and procedures.

Utmost Priority in Customer Satisfaction
The main goal of quality management is to meet customer expectations, earning confidence and trust from every customer.  POINTek products are individually customized, and customization constitutes a sound marketing strategy.  From product specifications to labeling marks, and product packaging to product shipments, we listen to, specify, and prototype first articles of testing.  In short, we diligently and judiciously communicate with our customer before we manufacture a fully satisfactory commercial product, and the rest is straight forward, simply maintaining the same quality for the product throughout its life cycle until the end of life. Such customer-satisfaction based quality management is the basis for all our business operations. We strive to ensure sustainable high-quality levels for all our customized products, to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our formal and informal customer satisfaction survey of our processes, products and services from time to time results in comprehensive feedbacks, which feed into our continuous improvement plan and practices to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
Upholding National and International Standards
POINTek, Inc. is committed to adhere and conform to both national and international standards as a basic and sound professional practice for good quality, fair comparative competitiveness, and increased product safety and productivity while minimizing errors and wastes.  Observance and conformity to the relevant standards help us sustain our business and facilitate our entrance onto new markets for the development of global trade fairly.  The standardization process in Korea follows the basic principles for standards development outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) oversees the development of Korean Standards (KS), publishing over 20,000 KS.  We are certified for the International Quality Management standard, ISO 9001.